Natasha and Grant are a fun couple and their enjoyment of each other shines through when you meet them. You clearly see how they love one another, and how much they are capable to make each other laugh and relax. 

So it wouldn’t be different on their wedding day: there were smiles everywhere, guests were having a blast and there was a great atmosphere! It was a fantastic day, with the perfect mix of romance and enjoyment.

I was delighted to be given the task of doing their romantic wedding videography and to help this lovely couple eternalise the special moments of their big day in a charming Surrey wedding venue, so they can watch it again and again.

Natasha and Grant's Wedding Highlights video at Botleys Mansion

Our shared history

Natasha and Grant got engaged in the beautiful Dominican Republic a couple of years before the wedding. Imagine Natasha’s surprise when Grant proposed: he had just told her he never wanted to get married!  

Their original plan was to tie the knot in early 2021, but the whole world took a strange and difficult turn in 2020. We can all remember what 2020 was like with all the disruptions, lockdowns, losses and pains of the covid-19 pandemic, and Natasha and Grant’s plans changed.

Lockdowns and restrictions meant postponing their wedding to the summer of 2022 - and they also made a big life decision: to start their family. They became parents of a sweet little girl, Carmen, 10 months before prior to the wedding. It was special to be able to register Carmen being part of this sunny and beautiful day with her mum and dad, making their Botleys Mansion wedding video even more unique - and way more adorable!

“We wanted to have a simple but romantic day surrounded by the people we love most - good music, good food and good fun!””

Romance in timeless style

Natasha and Grant picked one of the most romantic wedding venues in Surrey, Botleys Mansion, to celebrate their love, start a new chapter of their story and share a beautiful day with family and friends. It was a fantastic choice, offering so many beautiful spaces to enjoy with their guests and to capture wonderful shots for their Botleys Mansion wedding video

Botleys Mansion wedding photo

I love being responsible for doing their romantic wedding videography, and the venue had everything I could have asked for: a stunning Palladian building adorned with romantic front steps and a classic fountain. The gardens and parkland were equally inspiring, with beautiful open spaces and an enchanting lavender path, making this Surrey wedding venue a true joy to film and a magical space to record the memories of Natasha and Grant’s big day.

Botleys Mansion staircase photo

It’s mine, only mine

Natasha has such a beautiful smile, super contagious, and she looked just stunning on her wedding day. Her gown was a bespoke one made up of three other dress styles designed by Dando London. Her shoes were also special: an elegant and sparkly Jimmy Choo, brought over all the way from the United States by a family friend, because Natasha couldn’t find her size in the UK. Her make-up was tasteful and light. I love how she hit a pitch-perfect balance between timeless and unique. 

Jimmy Choo bridal shoes
Fine art wedding photography in Surrey

Grant’s style was as singular as Natasha’s: he wouldn’t go for the traditional grey or navy, so he chose raspberry instead for his tailor-made suit, complemented stylishly by black-with-studs shoes - all adding romance and personality to the feel of their wedding day at one of the most romantic wedding venues in Surrey.

Botleys Mansion wedding videography


Natasha and Grant decided to go for an elegant combination of white and rose gold for their decorations adorning the light-filled Botleys Mansion’s Atrium beautifully as they said “I do”.  There were little touches of deep red in the flower arrangements, to match Grant’s raspberry choice, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

 I loved recording it all as their Botleys Mansion wedding videographer: it all looked magical when Natasha walked down the steps of the Atrium to a sea of smiles of those she loves the most where waiting for her at the front was the love of her life!

Raspberry rose and white wedding decor inspo
wedding palette raspberry and rose

““My favourite moment was walking down to aisle and seeing each other for that first time. You forget everyone else is even there for a split second. It’s beautiful.”

It is a day for us all...

It’s so delightful when loved ones get involved in preparing a wedding. As you enter the venue you can feel the care poured into making the day an expression of not only the couple’s love but of how much they are loved by others. 

For Natasha and Grant’s big day, her sisters got involved in the DIY decorations and it all turned out to be just perfect. Their labour of love included thoughtful name places that were coasters that the guests could take home. A close-family member prepared their tasty and pretty cake: one of a kind with each tier a different flavour! All these unique details made this wedding unforgettable.

Fine art wedding cake
Surrey wedding photography
Say it again...

One of the things I love the most about weddings is being able to hear the speeches. You get to know the couple in such a unique way as stories are shared, special people are remembered and honoured, and words of affirmation, love and commitment are spoken. Their journey together unfolds as a tale in front of their guests, and the room is filled with laughter and tears.

Botleys Mansion wedding photographer

A wedding video has the power of bringing all the voices, the reactions and the romance fully back to memory. It is wonderful to know that the bride and groom can relive those unique hours of their lives as they watch their wedding video and can see and hear again the precious words said to them.

Botleys Mansion wedding videographer

“I am honoured I was chosen to be Natasha and Grant’s Botleys Mansion wedding videographer, to eternalise all the special moments of her day, capture the looks and sights and smiles, and allow bride and groom to fully immerse themselves in the experience of their wedding day, knowing that the video will help them to remember it all.”

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